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[Firefly: Drabble] "Whole-Heartedly" [Wash/Zoe, G]

Title: Whole-Heartedly
Prompt: writerverse challenge #03 june BINGO of DOOM!! prompt #16 ‘love at first sight’
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Firefly
Pairings: Wash Washburne/Zoe Washburne
Warnings: spoilers for Serenity
Summary: Zoe falls in love again.
Note(s): originally posted to the writerverse wv_library


Zoe had thought she’d never love again, after losing Wash, even as she watched her belly grow round and felt his child begin to move within her. She worried more and more that she wouldn’t be the kind of mother any child deserved, the kind of mother Wash had thought she could be. Most of the time, she felt like she had used up all her love on Wash, and would have none to spare, even for his son or daughter.

But then she had been born, their daughter, eight pounds, two ounces, and Zoe fell instantly, whole-heartedly in love.


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Tags: drabble, firefly, wash/zoe, writerverse
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